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We’re 3⁄4 of the way through Mr. Barack Obama’s presidency, and, like him or not, it’s around this time when we start looking ahead to the coming presidential election. After a very successful mid-term election, during which republicans gained control of all of congress, many of them are queuing up for a potential Oval Office bid. Currently, there are over 12 G.O.P. members looking to take control of the executive branch of government. Some notable candidates include:
· Jeb Bush: former Governor of Florida, son of former president George H. W. Bush and brother of George W. Bush.

  • ·  Scott Walker: Governor of Wisconsin
  • ·  Chris Christie: Governor of New Jersey
  • ·  Marco Rubio: United States Senator from Florida
  • ·  Rand Paul: United States Senator from Kentucky
  • ·  Ted Cruz: United States Senator from TexasOn the other side of the aisle, several democrats are also thinking about running:

· Hilary Rodham Clinton: former Secretary of State, former Senator from New York, former 1st Lady·  Martin O’Malley: former Maryland Governor

·  Jim Webb: former United States Senator from Virgina

· Elizabeth Warren: United States Senator from Massachusetts (*She has said that she will not be running but is still receiving plenty of pressure to shoot for the White House. Sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont is in a similar position)

Come November 2016, democrats will be desperate to keep (or regain) control of some aspect of the government in Washington while Republicans will be looking to take control of both the executive and the legislative branch. With this many candidates already in the running—and more to come—ahead of the election, it’s certainly going to be a tight race to replace President Obama.

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