Advice for the Troubled


Dear GG,

Today the boy I love looked at me! We have never spoken before because every time I try to I get very dizzy and feel the need to vomit. I feel like him looking at indicated a deep affection! Any tips on how to talk to this future lover? Thanks so much.


50 Shades of Clueless

Dear Clueless,

I know that this could be hard for you, but

remember that if a relationship with your lover were to work out, you will have to make sacrifices for each other. So now is the time for you to make the first, very beneficial self-sacrifice, and go and talk to him. Try not to throw up, and I think you will do very well. You should of course tell him exactly how you feel, because the only way it will work out is if you are very straightforward with your aims. Good luck to you and lover boy, may he not be thrown up on.



Dear GG,

I’m having trouble learning how to ride my bike! I started learning a few years back but I think it is time to move to the next step…that means no more training wheels. I am very nervous about this. My problem is that I sometimes slip on the ice or crash into snow banks! How do I avoid these mishaps?


The troubled biker

Dear Biker,

First off, I am confident you will succeed in reaching your goal because of what you have described. If you love your bike enough to ride in this most unforgiving winter, then I am sure you will soon be ready for the Tour de France. My advice for you is this, take the leap! Your dedication shows you are ready, and be thankful there are snow banks to catch you when you fall. I suggest asking a friend for help, that way you can succeed together! Good luck, young biker.

Yours truly,


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