The Atomic Café Restaurant Review


The Atomic Cafe is a hippie coffee shop on Cabot Street in Beverly, Mass. The atmosphere is modern, the food is fresh and unique, and the staff is interesting and helpful.

Upon opening the door to the Atomic Cafe, I was greeted by a waft of strong coffee. Inside the restaurant is very warm. It was the type of place where the local art students came daily to get there breakfast or lunch. The decor was retro-modern, which included booths and local art. The kitchens were quiet, which allowed for conversation and music. The staff could handle the moderately slow crowed but as it increased with the coming lunchtime, a small line built up.

The menu included a variety of coffee drinks including espresso, café au lait, cappuccino, and lattes, along with different varieties of hot chocolate, tea, and chai. Their coffee has won the Cup of Excellence award, which is a prestigious award given to fine quality coffee. Not only is their coffee of high caliber, it is also fair trade and rainforest alliance certified. Besides a multitude of hot beverages, the atomic café carries several varieties of fruit smoothies, iced coffees, iced teas, and specialty sodas. They have a few breakfast options including bagels, muffins, and breakfast sandwiches. For lunch the menu is more extensive including salads, hot and cold sandwiches, vegetarian sandwiches, and hot soups. The menu includes some seasonal items including hot and cold apple cider, and butternut squash apple soup. The specials include soups that change on a regular basis, one of which in always suitable for vegetarians.

I ordered a hot, house blend coffee and a bowl of carrot ginger soup. The coffee was self-serve and the soup was given to me immediately after I ordered. The soup’s presentation was as expected. It served in a genetic white ceramic bowl, which is what I expected from this quick service. Soup must have three critical components to make it tasty; temperature, texture, and taste. The soup was heated to just the right temperature, it was warm, but not so hot that it would burn your mouth, nor so cold that it became gross after a couple minutes of cooling off. The texture was also perfect. There was a good balance of pureed carrots to chunks of soft cooked carrots. It was too watery, to thick, but just the right consistency. The taste was spot on as well, the ginger meshed well with the sweet carrots giving it a little kick. The coffee was self served and placed in a white ceramic up to match the bowl, with the Atomic Café logo printed onto the side. The coffee was hot, and accurately matched its description of being a “fine central and south American coffees blended for a sweet milk chocolate and smooth nutty tones with a short dry finish.” Although I am not a coffee connoisseur, I thought this coffee was delicious with only a little milk and dry sugar added to it. The others at my table ordered mango smoothies, grilled cheeses, a strawberry smoothie, and a turkey Panini. Their service was slower, about a ten-minute wait, the panini being about 20 minutes. The smoothies had a good consistency and were mode of fruit, soymilk, and ice. The grilled cheeses were average but good. The panini was tasty, and flavorful but had residue from the panini maker left on the bottom, which seemed rather disgusting and unsanitary.

The atomic café has two other locations, in Newburyport and in Marblehead along with selling their coffee and coffee products online.

Image provided by Google Images.



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