Pizza is a truly holy thing. One must appreciate pizza whenever eating it and love the pizza no matter how good or bad it is. Pizza is pizza. Granted, there are many things that go into making a fantastic pie if you want your pizza to come out nicely.

We as a community need to be able to give constructive criticism to the pizza makers in our community to better strengthen the pizza that we are eating in our schools, homes, and restaurants. This article will cover what makes pizza high quality, and what makes pizza unsatisfying.

When it comes to pizza you must be able to evaluate it with a sharp nose, mouth, eye, ear, and a clear mind.

Today I will be evaluating certain pizza styles and a few pizzerias around the Beverly area. So lets get started. I am going to start off by explaining the three places that we tend to get our pizza from. The first place we tend to get pizza from is from our houses, out of the freezer.

We all know that if you pull a pizza pie out of your freezer it’s going to be Newman’s Own pizza. Quite honestly I think if it’s any other pizza you should be ashamed of yourself, but no judgment there.

Anyways, Newman’s Own does a great job with creating a frozen pizza. Yes, their tomato sauce needs some work as well as the sub-par crust but you can’t expect any more from a frozen pizza, can you? The second place that many people order pizza is a non-pizzeria restaurant. A nonpizzeria restaurant is a restaurant that isn’t known for there pizza but they happen to have a decent pizza selection on the menu.

These places usually have pretty solid choices in toppings, but they have the unfortunate tendency of tasting like store-bought frozen pizza.

The last place where you can eat pizza, one that I happen to personally recommend highly, is the local pizzeria. Every single Pizzeria has there own unique pizza taste but almost all of them are better than the restaurant pizza or the freezer pizza.

Every single pizza place around Beverly Massachusetts is in a huge competition. They all need to survive the many-thousand dollar/year industry of pizza making in Beverly. I have been to many pizza places in my day and in that time I have found many good and many bad. Today I am going to discuss and analyze the three different pizza places that are found most often delivering to the Waring school. Prides, Mikes, and the usual Dominos are the main source of pizza for the Waring school.

Mike’s pizza has a genuinely delicious pizza that is worth the high price you have to pay to deliver the goodness of this particular pie to your mouth. Their combination of a slightly sweet sauce and perfectly cooked cheese is just heaven on earth (or on pizza, rather.)

To top it off their bread is freshly baked beautifulness that compliments the perfect amalgamation of sauce and cheese. Mike’s has all around about an 8 out of 10 pizza; a prestigious rating on the Kylometer.

Their service might not be as perfect as Prides, but their food definitely is top notch.

Prides pizza is definitely a level below Mikes. They may have a lower price and be a bit closer in location, but their pizza isn’t nearly as good.

What makes their pizza a solid 2 points below Mike’s is that when the pizza is delivered it will be so thin in the middle that the pieces will fall apart and its uneatable unless utensils are brought into the mix. When you have to bring utensils to eat pizza, it’s a problem.

They also need to work on their tomato sauce: it doesn’t have a good sweet and salty balance. It’s just salty, and that’s not what my fellow pizza gurus and I are about. So with that being said I am pretty comfortable in giving Prides a 6 out of 10 on the Kylometer.

Dominos is without a doubt the worst pizza I have eaten in all my years of pizza expertise. I always see Dominos delivered to Waring and every time I am confused.

First off, it’s a chain, and everyone knows you should always support local businesses. Secondly, they try to make their crust as garlicky as garlic bread but it tends to just make you feel sick after you are finished eating it. They also need to step there up cheese-game because the cheese has no taste whatsoever, and in my opinion they compensate by making their crust into a garlic-overkill mess.

The one thing that Domino’s does right is their cinnamon sticks. They created a heart attack in a box when they released their cinnamon sticks. (In a good way.) Domino’s cinnamon sticks are basically cut strips of baked pizza dough topped with cinnamon and sugar. They’re served with a sweet warm icing as a dipping. Over all I would probably give Domino’s a 3 out of 10 on the Kylometer. The three points Domino’s received was from the cinnamon sticks, which really are mouthwateringly, artery-cloggingly good.

Pizza from town to town varies so much, but I am proud to say that Beverly is one of the best towns on the North Shore for pizza. This is a strong pizza community and you all should be proud to be a part of it.

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