A Tribute to Jack


Jackson Dean Lindsay recently announced that he would be moving on from Waring School come next fall. He has been working here for three years, serving as the Athletic Trainer, Varsity Soccer coach, teaching Health and CORE Humanities, and substituting practically every class. Ever since joining the faculty, Jack has been extremely popular amongst faculty and students alike. His approachable character and enticing smile have lured people into his office and his kindness has kept them there. In a recent interview with LTR, Jack described why he loved the school and what he valued about a Waring education: “The big thing is that you learn how to learn. It’s not about learning to memorize, it’s not about getting into college—it’s about preparing for your entire life.” Though he loves the school, Jack has decided that now is an appropriate time to leave, explaining that next year he will be applying to schools to become a physician’s assistant in the future: “I’m currently taking my last prerequisites to apply to graduate school, and next year I’ll be applying to a variety of schools to become a physician’s assistant [PA]. And then hopefully I’ll get in, I’ll go and I’ll become a PA.” But he says he has certainly benefitted from his tenure at Waring: “I’ve really gotten a lot out of it: being able to talk and relate to kids of all ages, talking in front of a group—I’ve actually learned a ton from just observing other teachers here.” Jack will be staying on as the Varsity soccer coach next year, so he will certainly still be around campus, but nonetheless, his consistent presence in front of Mrs. Cahill’s office, in the gym, and around the school in general will certainly be missed by the entire school.


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