A Tribute to Monty


After three years of working at Waring, Monty is leaving us. We will all miss her so much, for she touched and influenced so many people in the Waring community. She is moving onto a new path, and is looking to go to medical school in the fall of next year. “I will be taking a lot of courses over the summer. I have to get a lot of the requirements done to apply for medical school; it will take some buckling down.”
The thing that Monty says she will miss the most is the support she has had here at Waring. “The faculty here are such good mentors. It is amazing now coming back here as a teacher, but still feeling like a student. I am still always learning from the other teachers around me, and every teacher here has taught me something.

From CORE science to coaching all three sports, Monty has been involved in every aspect of Waring. She also has taught advanced algebra and writing. In writing she loves seeing the full potential of the students. “Writing class is so student-driven that it is amazing to see how students lead themselves in class. It brings out their true potential and I love seeing that as a teacher.”

She says that she loved being a coach at a place where she used to be a player. “What’s great about Waring sports is that every kid believes that the team mentality and sportsmanship is just as important as winning. ” She continues to say that it is such a reward to coach teams on which she used to play. It is an experience that she had, and as a player and a coach knows what the players want out of Waring sports.

Monty has had a huge impact on the Waring community, and she will be missed dearly. We wish her luck as she moves onto her next adventure. Just remember to stop by and visit us once in a while!


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