Lax Update


April 10th was a monumental day: the first of the year with no snow on The Minefield. After a tough start to the season, with endless indoor practices and no real field, everyone had been itching to start playing games. The girls’ team started their season off strong with a win against Chapel Hill-Chauncey Hall, final score of 14-4. Their game was the first time the team had played on an outdoor field all season. Despite this the girls had a strong defensive line, with Sophomore Kat Pappas making several impressive saves in net.  Adele MacEwen and Amanda Adams scored four goals each. Sara Kessler had three goals and first-year player Elizabeth Patrick had two.

The boys’ team started off their season with a win as well, also against Chapel Hill-Chauncey Hall. With a final score of 13-4, Senior Nat Lyman scored 7 goals, Alex Combs and Jacob Vaneck both had 2, and Nick Wigglesworth and Isaac Ogle had one apiece. Nat Lyman says, “It was phenomenal.” Senior Alex Combs just has to say that their first game was “fiiiilthhyy” [sic].

The boys’ team also pulled off a win in their second game, a home game against BTA. Both teams are looking to a packed schedule the week of the 20th, the Mavericks (the girls’ team) with four games, and the Wolf Pack (the boys’ team) with three. Junior Jaita Richon says that she “looks forward to watching our team grow. We have a lot of young players this year and a lot of potential. Our first game was great, and I’m excited to see where the team will go from here.” I think it’s safe to say we all agree, Jaita.


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