New Kid Survival Guide

Gabby D’Ambrosio

Being a new kid is intimidating at any school.  The level of intimidation quickly increases when you’re put into an environment populated with 154 very bright and quirky students.  You suddenly have to speak in class and actually to talk to teachers.  Fortunately Waring forces you to break out of your comfort zone.  The small class sizes and friendly atmosphere make letting your walls down easy.  How well students do here all depends on how willing they are to truly be a part of the community.  The faster you embrace the character of the school like goats on campus and a tree in the forum you will begin to feel a part of Waring.

1)   Start your homework early and put your phone away

2)   Talk to everyone, especially Seniors!

3)   Work efficiently

4)   Use the weekends to catch up on sleep

5)   Ask for help, everyone will be willing to lend advice or help with a problem

6)   Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone


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