The End of A Season

Hattie Cookson and Grace Gustaferro

Monday night, the Girls Varsity traveled to Brimmer and May School in Newton for the Semi-final game of the IGC conference.  We went into a tough game knowing from previous matches about their dangerous high scoring forwards. Our defense had a tough job set out for them. In the past we’ve lost to them 7-2 and then again at home, 7-3.
The game started very equally. Waring and Brimmer were playing well. Then Brimmer’s midfield passed the ball up over our defense and #18, one of Brimmers forwards, ran on to the ball getting past our defense and scored. There was only one goal in the first half.
During Half time, we were all very excited because we had been playing so well. We were keeping the two forwards shut down for the most part, and the work rate was very high. We just needed to score some goals.
We started the second half well, keeping ourselves grounded for the majority of the 40 minutes. In the last 15 minutes they scored several more times, just by the forwards getting fast breakaways. In the last 10 minutes, they refs made a poor handball call in the box, which resulted in a penalty kick goal. Ultimately, we lost 5-0, but in the end felt satisfied with the work put in. No one was too upset with the conclusion to our season, and the team looks forward to facing Brimmer in future years.


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