Special Day gets Special

Hattie Cookson and Grace Gustaferro

In past years, Special Day tradition has been filled with senior activities, gift giving, and senior pieces. This year will be different, after Group 1 writing has decided to take more time their first semester to work on other aspects of writing. This means Senior Pieces will happen later in the year, and Special Day has more time for different activities. Rather than having Special Day be just about Waring, the SAC committee has decided to incorporate a community service element to the day. Seniors will have the opportunity to incorporate some community service into their activities so that some students can leave campus and volunteer. After senior activities we will have an hour and forty-five minutes for everyone in the school to participate in some form of community service.
Jacqui Jutras, a member of SAC talks about how the change was made: “We talked about trying to involve others, Special Day is very selfish. The holiday period is a time to give back. Since a lot of people at Waring are very well off, we wanted to do something for the greater community and decided that Special Day should reflect that in some way.”
Logistically, finding a volunteer activity for 150 kids and faculty is near impossible, so the seniors met to come up with ideas to make it feasible. Some groups will go off campus for the time allotted for senior activity and for community service, while the majority of the school will help around campus.
Jeff Levering, the Dean of Students, talks about the change being due to Group 1 needing more time for senior pieces, that time crunch being stressful for them. He says, “We needed to fill that time. Talking to the faculty and SAC, the idea of community service had been around amongst the faculty for a while. I think special day is wonderful, but I think some of the faculty was worried it was getting too self-serving. There was the idea that the holidays should be more community service based. I think everyone is really excited about it. Now were just figuring out logistics of getting 150 kids to do community service. With all changes, we want to balance it. We don’t want to force anything. I hope you guys are feeling that way too. The other little change is making the gifts less monetary, and more handmade and meaningful. Which I guess is how they used to be. So to help with that, there’s two all school meetings dedicated to special day, and the Focus Flex time. We’re trying to give you guys more time to make that happen.” Everyone seems excited about the changes happening, we can’t wait to see what the new tradition will become.


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