Aidan Wood
Basketball at Waring is often the underrated or overlooked season out of the three that we play. Sometimes it gets hidden in the shadow of the relative dominance of the soccer teams, but at the same time it is overshadowed by the excitement for the lacrosse season to come. Moreover it is split by a substantial vacation, making it hard to keep up momentum. However, Waring does very well with turning its lacrosse and soccer players into Bballers. I think it is fair to say that our last big basketball class was’ 11-’ 12 for the boys (it was that year the boys won the MBILTitle) and’ 14-’ 15 for the girls. However the future for the teams this year looks bright. The girls, who in the past have usually struggled against a very strong Brimmer and May team, only lost by one point on Friday. Captain Emma Taylor said “ We were leading the entire game by playing a strong defense and getting good rebounds. Unfortunately in the last second Brimmer scored but overall it was a wonderful game.” Senior Grace Gustaferro added,“ We played some good defense and ended up only losing 29-28 which is super exciting against Brimmer, one of the more competitive teams we play. Overall I think everyone is excited to see how we progress farther into the season.” On the boy’ s side, there is a lot of excitement for the season as well. With a strong senior class and lots of great support on the bench, it looks like this could be the year they make another run at the Title. They played an out of league game against CCA, and held them to a lead of 4 at the half. Although the final loss was a little more drastic, the whole team has a positive outlook on the upcoming in-league games. Captain Jacob Vaneck said, “ For our first game I think
we played well. Everyone is just getting their feet under them, and I think once we have our full squad healthy we will dominate our league.”For girls and boys, seasons can only get better. It will be very exciting to see how both teams grow.

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