Grandparents Interview

Grace Gustaferro and Mikey Ballin

For Grandparents day, we took the time to interview our grandparents about their experiences with the school newspaper, and journalism is their lives today. We wanted to learn about the changes, differences, and similarities

Q: So, were you on the school newspaper when you were in high school?

Nance: We didn’t have a school newspaper

Jim: I was not, but there was one sheet that they put out.

Q: What did they put in it?

Jim: I have no idea

Q: How would you guys compare you own high school to this (Waring)?

Nance: I can somewhat but not totally. I went to a private, Catholic girls school, and here again we had small classes, we had a great curriculum that prepared you so well, you could go out into the world without going to college. So somewhat like this, yes.

Q: Actually, do you want to retell the story about Ann on the school newspaper?

Well Anne became the editor of a college newspaper, so she had to manage the reporters, get them in on time to the publisher so it would be out, it was a big deal. It was going bad until she got them all together, and agree in front of their peers, and she would reward them by taking them out for beer after the deadline. So it was a great experience for her.

Q: Do you yourselves still read the paper? Do you get your local paper?

Nance: Yes, we read the newspaper every day, and we follow the news and sports as well. So that’s a morning ritual in a way,

Jim: Nothing online, so we sit down, and read the paper every time we get up for at least an hour.

Mikey: When my dad was growing up, and Ann and everybody, did they read the paper? Was journalism a big part of their life?

Jim: No. They didn’t read the paper. Well, funny papers yes. Because Ann was an English major she read a lot, every night in high school when I went to bed I went in her room, took her glasses off, took the book away, turned off the light and covered her up. She still falls asleep reading.

Nance: She had a good knack for writing when she was young, because when she had to write a paper for school either a book she read or whatever. She could write it once and hardly ever correct it, her writing was so good. And what she never had time to do was to type it, because she was so busy. I would type it for her and only find a few mistakes. She could write a paper once and that was it. When she was in college and the January team she got a job as an intern at travel and leisure magazine in New York City. She came home one day and said “Mom I want to write an article for the magazine, what can I write about”. In Westchester County right outside of the city there were a lot of train stations had restaurants where people could go and have a meal and then go to New York City. There were three near where we lived and i said why dont you go down and have a meal and write about it. She took me to one, a boyfriend the one and a friend to the last one, and she wrote about these three different restaurants and train stations. Low and behold she got it published in Travel and Leisure magazine, which went all around the country. All due to her interest in high school.

Jim: I think Tim is a pretty good writer.

That is all the time we had to interview, it was really amazing to talk to Grandparents who have incredible experiences and are willing to talk all about it


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