Everyone seems to be starting to struggle with the end of year burnout.   Homework, projects, and tests seem pointless when your so close to days basking in the sun and splashing in a pool.  As the year winds down so does everyones intellectual energy.  We all know the feeling of sitting in the classroom on a warm day and only being able to make intense eye contact with the open window.  I know.  It’s brutal.   The theory of “senioritis” is defiantly true, but unfortunately it plagues more then just the seniors.  When the summer count down begins your lucky if you can focus on anything but the minute hand on the clock.  Here are some tips to try and keep you on task for the rest of the year.

Think of the end of the year as a finish line.  Knowing that it’s something that has to be done is a helpful way to put things into perspective.

Be as productive as possible.  The more time you waste procrastinating outside in the sun will just make it harder to get anything done.  Try switching up where you do homework, sometimes a change in scenery helps spark creativity!

Get some rest!  This is in direct correlation with not procrastinating.  When your tired everything is just more difficult.  Try to rest up to be your best self for your remaining school days.

Be realistic.  Somethings are just to hard to handle before the end of the year.  Don’t commit to anything you think you can’t conquer.

Finish strong.  This one might seem hard but it’s probably the most important tip that I can give.  If you slack off and don’t put any effort in your just setting yourself up for a more difficult year to follow.  People form opinions of you and I’m sure you all want to be a start strong end strong kind of person.


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