School Within a School: Waring Welcomes the Devereux Girls

Laura Miller


You may have seen three 4th graders eating lunch in the little snake room in the house, or walking with Sarah Carlson-Lier around the library, or maybe you spotted them sitting and blending in the sea of older kids in meeting. These are the three Devereux girls, Ailee, Zoë, and Stella.


The Devereux school is a french school in Marblehead that has a lot of the same values and goals as Waring. However, as it only goes to 3rd grade, Todd Zion, who runs Devereux, wanted to somehow find a way to bridge their program with ours. And so this year, Ailee, Stella, and Zoë, who were 3rd graders last year, are studying here as the bridge between the two schools, and will maybe continue here in 6th grade.


I sat down with the three of them, Elizabeth Ward, and their teacher, Sarah during lunch last Wednesday to get to know them, and after only eating one lunch with them, Elizabeth and I know where we’re going to eat every Wednesday.


Stella: She HATES one direction (and made sure we knew that very well) and

her favorite class is history. She is a gymnast, and her favorite color is green. Her favorite candy is twix. Her favorite movie is Napoleon dynamite, and she loves 1980s music (like Cindy Lauper, and Michael Jackson). In her teacher, Sarah’s words: Stella is a musician in the making, has a vast imagination and enjoys creating other worlds and characters through drawing and writing.”


Zoë: She is in her words, “super crazy sometimes and hyper especially when she meets new people”, (which I told her that means we are already very similar.) She doesn’t hold a pencil the right way, her favorite class is math, and she swims 5 days a week, (EVEN Saturday). She has traveled to many different places and lived in India when she was little. At first she didn’t have one, but after thinking over it she settled on her favorite movie as Mrs. Doubtfire. Sarah also says that Zoë likes to tell jokes and writes beautiful poetry.


Ailee: Also in her words, thinks she is funny “sometimes.” Her favorite classes are recess first, then library and makers space. Her favorite movie is the parent trap. She is a dancer, and dances all the time. Her favorite candies are hersheys and york peppermints and her favorite color is blue. Sarah also says that Ailee is a math wiz and loves to read


Now that you know a little bit about each of the girls, and you have things to talk to them about, talk to them next time you see them, because they want to talk to you. They were so excited that we came to eat lunch with them that we were met with huge hugs and smiles and left with 3 new little friends. So if you brought an extra york peppermint patty or hershey bar to school, or if Mrs. Doubtfire is one of your favorite movies too, or want to ask Zoë if she is excited about her first swim meet, (which is October 22nd) talk to them, and you will walk away with 3 new exuberant friends too.


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