Joy Cheng

Waring has more new students this year than ever before, and the exact number is fifty-one. Some of these new kids come from different cities and towns around the state and some are from as far as Asia and Europe. As the new students are adapting to the new environment at Waring, they have lots of wonderful ideas about their recent experience overall. In addition, the returning students also feel excited about having new friends from different backgrounds.

On September 24th, Waring School had its Convocation, at which new students were presented by returning students and inscribed their name in the book. Before that, Tim Bakland, the Head of School, gave a speech on his warm welcoming of new students. “We have in our 50 new students, an opportunity like never before at Waring. In passing down our own cultural traditions as a school, we are invited to listen more than we ever have, to learn about others’ traditions more deeply, to dialogue, to understand — and occasionally to misunderstand and try once again, as we strive to find shared meaning through conversation.”

There are many new ninth graders, including several from public school. Waring offers them a pleasant way to start high school. As Samuel, a new Group Two member from Salem, says, “I like to be at Waring because I feel safe and chill here. People are willing to listen to me and I can really be myself.” In a similar way, Mason likes Waring a lot because, “teachers are all very nice and willing to help.” He is very comfortable being here and getting along with people at Waring.

It is also the first year for Waring to get so many new boarding students from all over the world. They all think that Waring is very different from the schools back in their home countries, and they are very glad to be one of the Waring students in the United States. As Peter Zhao, a new ninth grader from China, indicates, “It is a pleasure for me to be at Waring. The small class sizes are really different from what I had in China which made me feel free and more willing to express my thoughts.”  A Group Four Chinese student, Jonesy, says, “I love how everyone treats me so nicely here. People help me to adjust to the new environment, and I feel very thankful for it.”.People came from different countries with different backgrounds, but we gather here at Waring. Ellie, an eleventh grader from Italy, thinks that “being at Waring is going to be an unforgettable experience” for her.

For returning Waring students, these great changes are regarded as very positive and appealing. When they are asked the question, “How do you feel about the new students this year?” they all gave positive answers. Richard replied: “The new students have given us a fresh and bold perspective on our time-tested traditions. I am optimistic about what opportunities they will bring.”



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