Waring Horoscopes

Carly Comparato

Aries (March 21- April 19)

After a summer without schoolwork, timelines, and packed schedules, you may be feeling relieved to be back in a routine if you were missing that over the summer. You like order, Aries, so keep your ducks in a row with homework and deadlines and you’ll have an easier time adjusting to the beginning of the school year. You are also a hard worker to the core, so diving headfirst into your classes will work to your benefit. You often do things well when you use your determination, so you may feel powerful as classes pick up. Remember not to take on too much. Save time to b r e a t h e and focus on yourself. This will help you stay calm and will give you the energy that you need to charge through your work. You are destined to do great things this fall, Aries, so get to work!

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Change is not your favorite thing, Taurus, so keep in mind that soon things will return to normal. The beginning of the year is always chaotic and you may feel like your emotions are out of control with every small change. Don’t worry. Everything will be okay! You are a hard worker and will want to do well in every class that you are taking this fall, but remember that it’s the simple things that bring you the most happiness. Take time to breathe in fresh air, look at the leaves, bake an apple pie, and spend time with your friends and family. A good balance between school and simplicity will help you hold on to those sweet summer memories, while picking up routine once again. Just smile and enjoy everything you can.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

You are a natural extrovert, Gemini. Even if you don’t feel it all the time, you have a spirit inside you that helps you connect with others in a unique way. This fall is a time to make new friends! There are so many new people to choose from, so start some conversations and you may be surprised. On the flipside, there may be a relationship that you need to work on. You have a darker, more serious side to you and you may need to open up that part of you to mend an old relationship. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Try to be the same person on the outside as you are on the inside.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

You may be clinging to summer right now, Cancer. Sometimes it’s nice to hold on to memories, but it’s also crucial to live in the moment and focus on the future. Stay optimistic and good things will come your way. You are good at making people comfortable, but you often dislike strangers, so give all of the new people in your life a chance and they will enjoy your company. It may take them a while to get to know you, but when they do, they will be glad that they put in the effort and you will be glad that you gave them a chance. The beginning of year will bring you a new community of friends, family, and love if you are open to it.

Leo (July 23- August 22)

You have a big personality, Leo, and this is a good thing! Your enthusiasm is great and you love to be the best at the many things you do. You are a leader because of your passionate, cheerful, and generous personality. You love the spotlight, whether on the sports field, in classes, or in your social circle. Remember not to get self-centered or arrogant. Share the spotlight! This will make you happy because of your naturally generous personality. Work hard to gain your reputation and you will feel like the king or queen that you are! Just remember that there are hundreds of other kings and queens out there too 🙂

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

You can be shy, Virgo, so all the new faces this fall may be overwhelming. Try to open up, because you’re kind and people will want to be your friend! Don’t be too hard on yourself or others. You hold yourself to high standards which makes you a diligent worker, but it also makes you critical of those who fall under your high expectations. Remember that everyone values different things, so what’s important to you may not be as important to others. Also, try not to worry! You will do well because you want to! Ask for help when you need it! Let loose! Work hard, but have fun too!

Libra (September 23- October 22)

Surround yourself with people who make you happy this fall. You love company, Libra. You are very cooperative and you like to do what makes your peers happy to avoid confrontation. Sometimes it’s important though to talk directly to someone if you have a problem. Don’t let yourself carry a grudge! If you are upset, say something, politely, of course. It’s the way that you address tricky situations that makes you who you are. Spend some time outside! Make some spontaneous decisions to surprise yourself, and be daring! Life’s about taking advantage of every situation, so sometimes it’s better to jump and then think!

Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

You’re a brave one, Scorpio! You stand up for your beliefs and that’s great! You like fact and truth, but don’t get too stubborn. Sometimes it’s important to just listen to other people’s ideas. They probably have something important to say. Trust other people, Scorpio. When one of your peers does something great, be happy for them. There may be one thing that makes you especially jealous this fall. Try to stay above it. Be happy for other people’s successes. They have the right to be right as well. Keep being determined and you will make a real difference. The world needs your strong beliefs!

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

You like freedom, Sagittarius. Out of all the horoscope, you’re the biggest traveler. You are curious, open-minded, and enthusiastic, so how could you possibly stay in one place when there are so many places to explore? You may feel trapped in the same place this fall, but sometimes you don’t need to leave your town to travel. Use your passion for travel to learn about different cultures in our community! Focus on new school subject! Go on a hike to explore the nature! If you look for adventure, you’ll find it! Don’t let yourself be constrained. Make new friends. Make sure not to promise more than you can deliver, though. You like to take on challenges, but it is important to only commit to things that you know you can accomplish. Your adventure’s just beginning, Sagittarius!

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

You’re extremely responsible, Capricorn. You know yourself well, so you make wise decisions that you know are best for you. You are very disciplined, but may sometimes be overly confident. Remember to be humble in your successes. You will do very well in classes this fall if you stay motivated. Keep your head up high and look at the bright side of every situation. You tend to make quick decisions about what you like and dislike and will feel strongly about these beliefs. Try to keep an open mind and use your responsibility to reach out and make a difference in your community.

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

You are unique, Aquarius. You have many characteristics that make you a complex and balanced person. You love community. You are often surrounded by friends, family, and admirers and when you are in an energetic mood, you are a blast to be around. Sometimes, though, you need your space, so don’t be afraid to separate yourself and take time to be alone this fall. The beginning of the year will be busy, but you are always stepping forward and adapting to new situations. You are a good listener. You will do a great job of embracing the chaos, as one who loves action. Soon, it will mellow out though, so try to keep your life adventure-filled and you will be happy!

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

You are very connected to soul, Pisces. You love taking time alone, creating art, and thinking spiritually. You may feel like you do not have time to live inside your head at Waring, but you may be surprised this fall at the opportunities that arise. You can make time to relax and be yourself. You also are a great friend! You are compassionate and gentle, which makes you a loyal friend. Try to see the cup half full this fall. Sometimes you feel sad, but remind yourself that you are loved and you are important. The world needs your creativity, so be brave and take some risks to put your ideas out in the open. There are a lot of wonderful thoughts swirling around in your head that the world deserves to hear!



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