February Love Stories


Sofia: At the end of first grade, I was moving across the country. I had been dating my boyfriend Mitchell for what seemed like forever, which was in reality about three days. On my last day of school it was time to say my goodbyes and Mitchell’s best friend Miles came running up to me. He looked at me nervously and said “I’ve always loved you” and kissed me. I was shook. So was my teacher. I couldn’t bare to think about what  Mitchell would say, our relationship had grown so strong (ex. Hand holding at recess) and Miles had ruined it all. I never spoke to Mitchell again after that.

Hope:  When I was little my best friend Alex and I had quite the boy obsession. We had been going to school with Lorne for a couple years and we were both head over crocs. We talked to Lorne constantly in an effort to make him be one of our boyfriends but still didn’t manage to get his attention. This is when I had an epiphany, “I should bake him cookies”. For the next couple months I would bring Lorne a cookie every day for our snack time. Chocolate chip, Sugar, Oatmeal, Snickerdoodles, Ginger, Peanut butter, Double chocolate chip, this boy would be stupid not to date me.  He took the cookie everyday but our relationship still didn’t seem to be progressing. Guess he didn’t have a sweet tooth 😦 at least not for me.

Maura: Just imagine, an even smaller blonde haired, blue eyed kindergarten Maura; just a little more openly obsessed with boys.  There was this boy named Skyler, who honestly was the stud of my class. And being the ambitious little thing that I was, I knew I needed to make a move. So not really being so experienced in romantics, I pursued him in the only way I knew how: chase him around the room saying, “let me give you a kiss”;sometimes I would even surprise kiss him because when he was running he was too fast for my doll sized legs.  Of course this way of pursuit worked though, considering I was invited to his birthday party at the local roller rink and he taught me how to skate, held my hand, and even kissed me on the cheek by himself. Now a days I don’t know where this stud Skyler is, but as for my ways of getting guys… Nothing has changed;)

Alison: I was thirteen and 5 foot seven. I was starring in Cinderella as the title role of Cinderella. My longtime crush Jackson, thirteen and 5 foot five, played Prince Charming. At the end of opening night he asked me to go on a date with him to the movie premiere of Les Mis. When I arrived at the theater he had already bought me nachos, my movie snack of choice, and brought a handkerchief because he knew I would cry. I sang along the whole time and put the handkerchief to good use. He then asked me to be his girlfriend over our class’s trip to DC, where we held hands for the first time walking towards the Lincoln memorial. For our two month anniversary he wrote me this poem. We dated for 4 months and for some reason never kissed. My first kiss was not until a year later in the dimly lit grande salle, during the Halloween Dance to Let’s get it On by Marvin Gaye. Iconic, I know.


Ahhhh how do I describe you,
Beautiful, the voice of an angel,
Your mine,

Others may want you,
But lucky me,
I have you,

My beautiful gazelle,
How you make me so happy,
How you make me so feel so wonderful,

Your galaxy pants,
The luscious blonde hair floating in the wind,
The sunlight piercing the window, sliding through your hair

Settling on my face,
Warming my soul,
Leaving me peaceful,

You cannot escape my mind,
As the breeze turns to wind in my hair,
You rest my thoughts,

Only peace,
Only joy,
Only merriness,

As I try to mash my thoughts on paper,
I try to speak elegantly,
But you, you jumble my thoughts,

Like a finger rippling the water,
The water of brook in the middle of summer,
Always going forward,

No matter how hard the warmth tries to calm it down,
I am the brook,
Nothing can calm my thoughts of you,

Except you yourself,
Your intricate fingers soothing my skin as we touch,
Your embrace,

As I rest my eyes,
My mind,
One image, Alison.


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