New Waring faculty 2017

Even though it’s December and everyone should know these people by now, here are short biographies of the 2017 new Waring faculty members. Don’t forget to introduce yourselves if you haven’t yet!

Emily C.

Emily is originally from Illinois, and graduated Bowdoin College in 2010. She is an artist, musician, and book addict. She is incredibly organized and has a contagious laugh. She thinks Waring is “homey”  and “enchanting”, and is so beyond happy to be here. She says she found out about Waring on Linkedin, (oh the power of technology!) and got in touch with the advancement office. She is now an event coordinator here at Waring, and also focuses on alumni relations. In her free time, Emily likes to cook with her husband, pick up her guitar and sing a song, or go out to eat with friends.

Erin T.

Erin went to Pingree School and then on to Notre Dame University, graduating in 2017. After graduating, she reached out to the academic dean at Pingree and asked if they, or any other schools in the area were hiring, and that is how she found Waring. She said that she loves how Waring balances academic rigor with freedom, and she can tell that our students really want to be here, and genuinely want to learn. She is happy that she found a place where the people are as excited to learn as she is. In her free time, Erin likes to dance and run on Cranes beach with her beagle, Bella. If you ever need help with a math problem or choreographing a dance, all you have to do is ask Erin and she’ll help you!

Charles N.

Charles is a very unique member of the Waring community because he has left and returned multiple times. He started at Waring in 1985 and stayed until 1987, teaching literature, history, and math. He then travelled to teach overseas, in countries including Hungary, Japan, India, and Pakistan. He returned to Waring in 1990, and again in 1994. He returned AGAIN in 2003, and stayed for 6 years. In 2017, he stood in for Joshua’s ⅘ writing class when he was on sabbatical, and he formally returned to Waring to teach his own writing class this fall. Charles also teaches a short story class for adults at Waring. Charles has learned from his travels to be appreciative of all people and perspectives, but still finds comfort right at home at Waring. He likes to read and write when he is not teaching, and enjoys writing letters to his friends from across the pond.

Cory G.

Cory grew up in “the rolling hills of Kentucky”, in his own words. We don’t have too many southerners at Waring, so Cory is another very unique perspective that we are fortunate enough to have. Cory teaches core math and science, and says he loves his new job. He finds the Waring community to be accepting and open, and values how much freedom the students have. When Cory’s not teaching at Waring, he likes to hike and spend time with his wife and two kids. He also enjoys playing pool.

Brendan P.

Brendan graduated from Waring in 2004, and is returning exactly 20 years after he started 6th grade. He says that Waring is a wonderful fit for him as both a student and as a teacher because it encompasses his values. He has had a great time teaching, and says it’s fun that his now-colleagues used to be his mentors. Brendan lived in New York City after earning his MFA, working as a playwright. He now lives on the North Shore. He loves to cook, cross country ski, and he even has his clamming license! Brendan also has an improv podcast with a friend, called “We Are Not These People”.

Marika W.

I actually emailed Marika with questions, because with our busy schedules we could hardly find a time to talk in person. Here are some answers from Marika herself!

  • How did you find Waring?

I’ve been aware of Waring School since I was in undergrad at Gordon College and a few classmates had internships here and they often spoke about the really interesting and different way learning was approached. As my kids were entering school age and my husband and I began researching pedagogies that were in alignment with our way of living and parenting, we rediscovered Waring as we were also researching Montessori schools for our children when they were very young. I have always felt that there is a beautiful continuity with the respect and trust given to children in the Montessori pedagogy and realized that the way Waring classrooms and culture is formed also creates this environment. It has been on our radar as parents for a long time, and it is a wonderful fit for me as a work environment as well!

  • How has your experience been at Waring so far?

Everyone has been very welcoming and I’ve enjoyed all my interactions with deeply curious faculty and learning alongside the students as we make and discuss art in the classroom and out in the world. KB and Stephanie especially have been truly wonderful and I feel so lucky to work alongside them!

  • What do you like to do in your free time when you aren’t teaching?
I don’t have very much free time these days as I am in my last year of graduate school at the Art Institute of Chicago, but generally speaking I feel most connected to the heart of things when I am engaged with a piece of art I’m working on, when I am hiking in the mountains, drinking a cup of coffee with an amazing book, playing music with friends late into the night, snuggling with my kids Mikaila and Solomon, petting our dog Alexei, or engaged in a deep conversation with my philosopher/poet husband, Jonathan. Life is rich and full as much as the world is perplexing and troubling, and I have so much to be grateful for, including the wonderful community at Waring.
By Elizabeth Ward

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