Dear LTR… [Week of January 15, 2018]

Dear LTR,
I was told to ask where do babies come from…

Dear Anonymous,

Though LTR is happy to offer guidance and advice regarding any number of subjects, this one, we feel, would be better left up to you and your parents.



Dear LTR,
What are the strengths and challenges of each winter sport option?
-a kickboxer

Dear Kickboxer,

If you’re wondering which option will be the best for you, our Athletics Director, Mike Kersker, had some great insight to share! If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Mike. See his thoughts below:

As with any sport option we have at Waring, the approach taken should be based on what the student-athlete is looking for in their potential experience.  Does the student-athlete want to participate in a team sport?  Is the student-athlete wanting to work towards specific strength and conditioning goals?  Does meaningful practice in the martial arts from an experienced professional instructor interest them?  Please see a brief description of the options below.  Please feel free to mention that students can come by my office any time to discuss sports options- with the goal in mind of helping them find the right fit for them. 

A.  We have a basketball program that is typically made up of students that don’t have a deep background in basketball, but understand that they can contribute (play a role) in some way to a “team” sport so our school can compete in conference play on both the girls and boys side.  Team sports are not just about competing in games.  Within a team setting there are many opportunities to experience character building-where you depend and count on others to help you achieve successful outcomes within your team-both on and off the court.  
B.  We have a kickboxing option that is taught by a parent (Caroline Buhl) of a current student (Gareth Buhl) and alum of the school (Autumn Buhl). Whether you have a black belt in some area of martial arts or you are a beginner, this class caters to all.  You wouldn’t be competing against other schools but you would be learning self defense techniques while training both aerobically and anaerobically.  
C.  The YMCA strength and conditioning program gives the individual a chance to build out specific muscle groups to whatever capacity they are inclined to build them out.  If they are looking to just gain more basic core strength and want to have a stronger upper body- they have the ability to do that.  The nice part of this program is that it is up to the student-athlete to manage their own workout, so the student-athlete takes ownership in this process. We recommend that each student athlete spend half their time working out aerobically- walking, jogging or running- whatever is comfortable for them and the other half building out specific muscle groups.  
D.  Debate is an option over the winter time (we use to call it winter sports debate which had an aerobic component to it- but it took away too much time from their ability to have quality research and discussion time) so that students can dig in a bit more to their cases and have designated time outside of debate elective.  
E.  Senior Option– Seniors can take this in either the fall, winter or spring.  It is just that- an option to focus on something independently outside of school or focus on something inside of school that needs more time designation.  



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