How Le Temps Retrouvé Got its Name

Spurred by a recent submission to our advice column box which read,

“Why is ‘Le Temps Retrouvé’ called ‘Le Temps Retrouvé’? Does this have something to do with Marcel Proust?”

I sat down with faculty member Tony Boisvert, the previous charge of this famous Waring journal, and asked him about the origin of LTR’s name. “Joseé did choose the name from Proust but it’s a mystery as to exactly why,” Tony laughs. He mentions that it was Joseé’s way to answer questions with stories rather than reasons. “I imagine it has to do with the role memory plays in search of lost time.” A clever nod to Proust’s novel À la recherche du temps perdu which follows the narrator’s recollections of childhood and experiences into adulthood. Fitting, as according to Tony the point of LTR is to “…communicate the present to the present, and the present to the future… If history is not recorded in LTR, it’s lost.”

For example, try to recall what happened during student government elections this year. Not such a stretch, is it? Now try to imagine what exactly happened in the student government elections of ’99 and it’s either impossible (because you weren’t around) or fuzzy or gone from memory. “LTR is our cultural record keeping,” Tony explains, “That’s why it’s a good name for this magazine… paper… website…”

We couldn’t agree more.


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