Sustainability at Waring

Hello, and welcome to the new sustainability column!

As a part of sustainability electives efforts to make sustainability an ongoing conversation at Waring, we’ve decided to start this column were you can find out about the big projects we’re working on, information about why sustainability is important, how the world is changing around us, and what you can do to help.

To begin, we’ve decided to talk about a simple, but very present aspect of sustainability at Waring: compost. We’re sure that every one of you have used the compost, or at least seen it. Composting not only cuts down on the amount of material we are putting into landfills, but also helps to return valuable nutrients, found in decomposed food and natural material, to the soil. Compost is an important aspect of sustainability, but lately it has come to our attention that we may not be composting in the most sustainable way possible. Currently we send our compost out to an industrial composter, were they can break down things that we on campus can not, such as animal products. While the industrial composter may be able to compost more, and although it’s more convenient, we realized that it may not be the best possible option for us at Waring. When we send out compost we are increasing our carbon footprint both in transit and at the plant itself. After coming to this realization we concluded that we needed to change our system, so we are proud to announce one of our newest projects: composting on campus!

By having our own compost pile we would not only increase presence of sustainability at Waring and turn composting into a more personal and communal experience, we would also cut down on the carbon footprint. We are so excited to take this step forward towards a more sustainable Waring, and we hope you will all be there to help! If you have any questions about sustainability you can email any of our lovely seniors at and even better if your curious, have questions, or want to join the conversation we’d love it if you joined us Thursday focus/flex, it’s always open, feel free to drop by any week!

-Phoebe Holz

[The sustainability elective is currently composed of Jackson Tham, Betta Tham, Phoebe Holz, Ilaria Bardini, Swara Douglas, Gareth Buhl, Beatrix Karambis, Luna Schiller, Ursula Siegfried, Clara Wang, Maia Buxbaum, Cole Sauder, Ali Mitchell, Jared Wood, Sacha Denby, Cecelia Russell, staff member Emily Cooper, and is led by art teacher Stéphanie Williams]


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