Valentine’s Day Guidance from phD in Love Dr. Frost

What do I do if I’m single?

ANSWER: Websites available to you include, Tumblr, Christian Mingle (as a Jew, I can’t say I’m super educated on that one but it exists), zoosk, eharmony (as a musician I approve), and many others. You’re gonna wanna get on this ASAP because Valentine’s Day is approaching!

Good romantic date ideas?

ANSWER: You have so many options! The Soil Science Class is coming up in case you want to get earthy with your partner. If you’re a junior,  you could always bring your lover along to the ACT this Saturday and have a little friendly competition! Also don’t forget- February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day, you have a prime romantic opportunity to attend the open Diversity Committee Meeting. What screams love more than committee meeting?!

What’s the most romantic Flavaflavor?

ANSWER: The Almond Himalayan Pink Salt tends to hit that sweet spot.

If I don’t have a therapist, where’s the best place to release my emotional tension surrounding love?

ANSWER: February 7th, my friends, at the tutor conferences. Schedule your slot now before all the good ones are taken! The tutors want to hear everything. That’s what’s so special about Waring. The teachers truly care about their students and tutees. Why do you think conferences are scheduled exactly a week before Valentine’s Day…

Is it bad to date people at Waring?

ANSWER: Do you really need to ask that? Use your judgement. Just say no.

Good Galentine’s gift ideas?

ANSWER: Surprise your bestie with an account for any of the above sites! Best friends help best friends find true online love.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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