The Cabaret Français

The yearly Cabaret will take place this Saturday in the Waring theatre and the theme is French music. I got a statement from Kristina Martin, a vocal lessons and chorus teacher, on what to expect from the evening:

“If you can’t get yourself to the City of Love this Valentine season, why not come to the next best place: the Waring School’s CABARET FRANÇAIS, on Saturday, February 10th, at 7:30 pm, where romantic songs (en français! en anglais!) will be presented by Waring voice students, accompanied by the mellifluous strains of Cordelia Rozmiarek’s violin, Luca Barendson-Rossi’s heart-skipping beat, and the empathic piano of Mark Retallack.

Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered why French is spoken at the Waring School… your question will be answered when you… come to the Cabaret, my friend. Une soirée des chansons pour chacun qui aime ce beau pays… pour chacun qui aime. Ooh-la-la!”

The Cabaret is possible because of all of the hard work and energy Kristina has put into it. The evening will be wonderful and all are welcome to attend.

See you there, à Samedi!


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