March for Our Lives: What’s next?

If you attended the March for Our Lives in Boston, Washington D.C., or anywhere else, you will understand what I mean when I say that it was one of the most amazing experiences a teenager could ask to be a part of. I felt excited and empowered, even though the reason for protesting in the first place is far from happy. One of the best parts of the march for me was that I saw more kids in one setting than I had ever seen before. Teenagers were united to empower everyone — most importantly, other teenagers.

The big picture of the mission is simple: a group of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people last February, are looking to end gun violence in America. They spent hours planning and arranging the March for Our Lives and two high school walkouts in March and April.

The March for Our Lives mission from their official website reads:

“Not one more. We cannot allow one more child to be shot at school. We cannot allow one more teacher to make a choice to jump in front of an assault rifle to save the lives of students. We cannot allow one more family to wait for a call or text that never comes. Our children and teachers are dying. We must make it our top priority to save these lives.

This is not just schools, though. This is churches, nightclubs, concerts, movie theaters, airports, and more. A child should not fear a bullet on their walk home. We may be children, but we are not fighting for just children. All lives are precious, and our country must make the safety of its citizens a number one priority.

March for Our Lives is created by, inspired by, and led by students of all ethnicities, religions, and sexualities across the country. We will no longer sit and wait for someone else to take action to stop the epidemic of mass shootings.

The mission and focus of March for Our Lives is assure that no special interest group or political agenda is more critical than timely passage of legislation to effectively address the gun violence issues that are rampant in our country. We demand morally-just leaders to rise up from both parties in order to ensure public safety.”

This is not about politics. It is not about one side rising up and the other one sitting down. It is about people from all walks of life coming together and creating a more safe and stable environment for all of our communities. Politicians, republicans, democrats, and others, must commit to working towards passing legislation and making public statements that endorse an end to gun violence.

Now that the march is over, it is as important as ever to keep the energy high and our voices heard. We all must educate ourselves on the 5 concrete goals of the creators of the March for Our Lives:

  1. Universal, comprehensive background checks
  2. Bringing the ATF into the 21st century with a digitized, searchable database
  3. Funds for the Center for Disease Control to research the gun violence epidemic in America
  4. High-capacity magazine ban
  5. Assault weapons ban

To learn more about the March, the goals, the amazing kids behind it all, and what more you can do, check out the March for Our Lives website:


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