This Time of Year at Waring

The end of the yeadownload-2r is slowly approaching and as much as we would all like to slide to the finish, the last few weeks tend to be the hardest. Teachers cram in the rest of their lesson plans, students work busily to complete any missing work and time-consuming final projects are assigned. The recently beautiful weather doesn’t help but instead distracts. I find myself staring out the window during classes and making plans to get ice cream after school when I don’t really have the time. The seniors are anticipating graduation, the juniors excitedly prepare for junior trip and everyone else waits for their homework-free end term. It is so easy to get caught up in the warmth and slide to the end but we must remember all of the exciting things left in the year. This Friday we get to watch the student-written plays and honors play “Middletown,” and next Friday is the ice cream social led by the seniors. A week after that (the last week) is the senior prank, senior soirée, run-walk-crawl and graduation ceremonies. However dreadful your workload is now, just remember that this is the final push. In the last three weeks, there are a lot of exciting and conclusive events that we can look forward to. We must keep smiling and cherish these last few weeks with our seniors before we can all enjoy summer.


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