Women’s Week, by Sasha Malley

The Waring community has been gaining a growing interest in gender equality across all areas, including but not limited to academics and sports. Over the past couple of months, I have been doing an independent project in order to raise awareness about women’s issues at Waring and in order to highlight female voices.

In particular, I have been collecting writing written by, for, and about women at Waring to be published as a collection at the end of May. In addition, I created an art gallery that has been on display outside of the forum featuring all female artists at Waring of varying age.

The Waring community has participated in Women’s Week these past couple of days from May 1-May 8. This began with a privilege walk (specific to gender) that occurred on the minefield in order to create a visual representation of the challenges women face in all walks of life. Over the course of the week, women and men at Waring have participated in discussions during Focus Flex, at Feminist Lunches and at the art gallery outside of the forum, all in an effort to raise awareness, to project women’s voices and to highlight the work women have done around Waring and beyond. Each day has had a theme, ranging from Women in Science to Women in the Arts, and posters have been up around Waring with statistics relative to the theme for the day. The final speaker of the week is my mother, Dr. Kathleen Harney, who works as an OB/Gyn at Cambridge Health Alliance and provides health care to underprivileged women.

I am thankful for Waring’s participation in this week, and am hopeful that the rest of the Waring community has found this week as fruitful as I have. I cannot wait for further discussions about this topic.





Image source: https://photos.icons8.com/


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