Waring Students in Salem News for Support of Parkland Survivors

Several Waring students created a program for Friday, April 20, the day of a National School Walkout. They sought input from the faculty in their plans and created a morning that was inclusive of all voices through mixed-age activities. There was a voluntary Walk Out, which took place at 10AM. Students and faculty who wanted to participate gathered on the quad and held hands in two great concentric rings. Names of victims from the Columbine and Parkland shootings were read aloud by students at intervals and there was a moment of silence after which Jackson Tham ’18 rang a bell for each victim. Though the sun was shining, many felt chills from this powerful, sober act of solidarity.

Many students and faculty wore orange to show support for the people who have lost their lives to gun violence. That Friday provided a chance for Waring to reflect critically as a school on current events as well as to engage with and participate in this powerful student-driven movement happening in our country.

Today, a few of the students who planned the event were acknowledged in the Salem News. Senior, Laura Miler, as well as Sophia Palumbo (Group 4), Belle Leonard (Group 1), and Betta Tham (Group 3) worked with Miller to plan the day and you can view the article here, showing a work of art they created in support of Parkland survivors.

Laura 1.jpg



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