A Piece by Junior Chloé Hupin

This past winter, I attended a live showing of The Moth Radio Hour. For those who are unfamiliar with The Moth, it’s a radio show entirely devoted to storytelling. I went with my parents and a good friend of mine. The venue was the Cutler Majestic Theatre in Boston, which is as majestic as its name suggests.

We had no idea what to expect from the show. The book The Moth, published in 2013, is a compilation of many stories that have been featured on the show in past years. After having read the book and listened to the show countless times, I knew that we were in for a surprise. Stories on The Moth are either funny, joyous, heart-wrenchingly sad, or a complex mix of it all. The only two pieces of information we knew was that the host of the night was a woman named Dame Wilburn, and the theme was “State of Affairs.”

One by one, five people went up onstage and recounted their stories. One man spoke about falling in love during Vietnam, another described a life-altering coincidence, and a woman talked about partaking in a cream cheese contest. The final story was told by an old man who broke down into tears as he described finding his long-lost son.

I recently began thinking about my experience at The Moth because of a discussion about stories that we had in Humanities class. Joshua Scott-Fishburn said that we listen to stories “to learn something about ourselves.” I’m still considering what I learned about myself from those stories, but one thing is for certain: I’ll remember them for a good long time. If you are hoping to hear and relate to a story, then I highly suggest that you tune into 90.9 and listen to The Moth. 


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